Naas Co. Kildare Ireland

one 2 one

We work with students from 3rd Year and above on three key areas -

Subject Choices for Leaving Certificate &  Career Options for Students and Adults.  We use the Thomas International PPA DISC profiling to help students understand their observational behaviours, how they deal with stress and how they work in a team.  Within this, we look at decision making, core strengths and where opportunity for success lies.

Professional Development in CV Skills, Core Skill Courses, Interview Skills, LinkedIn & Personal Branding and Searching for Opportunities to work or to get ahead.

Emotional Intelligence.  We use the Thomas International Psychometric Assessments to identify your emotional intelligence strengths and the areas to develop further. We work with you on a tailored journaling plan to help develop your emotional intelligence and build your overall emotional confidence.

Emotionally intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens!
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