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Emotionally, Intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens!
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EiSHT was created in 2019 by Caroline O'Connor.  Following many years volunteering with young people and working in senior management, she saw the support structures missing to help young people develop and succeed both personally and in the workplace. 
EiSHT was initially created to help young people to achieve their goals in getting their first summer jobs. It has evolved to become a toolbox to help arm young people with skills, competencies and self-awareness to be able to adapt to the rapidly evolving workplace. We want you to have the skills, confidence and competency to be the High Potential Leaders of the future.
We help parents, secondary schools and SME’s, that want help to deliver employable, self-aware, adaptable, social citizens to succeed by providing a toolbox of skills, resilience, independence and self-esteem for young people aged 16 +
Unlike private guidance counsellors, general online learning platforms or YouTube, we bring our community, supported by technology to deliver a tailored solution as demonstrated by increased emotional intelligence, habits for future self-development and young people who are workplace ready.
"We are a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE  and benefit corporation.  We are proud to support our community"
That we must be the change we seek in the world.
That our business will be conducted as people and place do matter.
That, through our services, practices, and profits, we aspire to do no harm and benefit all.
To do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.
As part of our commitment to this, we work with young people from underprivileged to support them with the EiSHT toolkit

Caroline O'Connor

Caroline has over 20 years of management experience in hospitality, retail and foodservice and managing people. She is a highly empathetic and knowledgeable coach, mentor and advocate for young people. She is a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider.  Caroline has been the volunteer chairperson of Naas No Name! Club for the last five years. She recently graduated in Tangent, Trinity with a PgC in Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. During this time, Caroline was awarded a place on the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society Incubator for EiSHT and completed New Frontiers Phase 1 with Enterprise Ireland. Caroline is a mam, a dog lover and is passionate about supporting the future prospects for young people to build resilience, empathy & independence.

Our Partners

We work with the best in their field to ensure that we truly help you to fulfill your potential with the tools & resources we use.




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Over the coming months, we will be expanding our team nationwide.  If you are a qualified coach, career guidance counsellor, or wish to volunteer as a mentor, we would be interested in speaking with you.Contact Support.
Emotionally intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens!
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