Naas Co. Kildare Ireland
  • We help you to build RESILIENCE

  • We help you to build your SELF-AWARENESS

  • We help you to see how INCREDIBLE & UNIQUE You Are!

We Help You To Turn Your Personal & Professional Self-Awareness into your 

We specialise in working with young people from Transition Year & beyond.
We listen.  
We help you to build a toolkit to turn your unique skills, talents, behaviours and emotions into a catalyst for your personal success.
Underlying to all that we do, we support you to build your own resilience, self-confidence and mental strength.
  • Personal Development

    We help you to understand your unique super powers by showing you your behaviour profiles, emotional intelligence, learning & communication styles. We then arm you with how to use this to your own personal advantage.
    We offer individual and group sessions
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    Professional Development

    We help you to maximise your potential from your first job and beyond. We offer CV & LinkedIn workshops, induction to the workplace and compliance courses to help you become more employable.

    We offer both individual and group sessions
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Working Together

We deliver training face to face and online via Zoom Meetings or Webinars


We deliver workshops in Secondary Schools nationally from Transition to Sixth Year and we work with Youth Groups with up to 30 participants per session

one to one

From age 15 onward, we offer one to one training and mentoring.  We ask that a parent or guardian is present for participants under 18

After school

We run after school clubs by year group for students nationally. These are really effective as you meet like minded students and build your EiSHT group

corporate training

We run training on self-awareness, supporting teams to work better together and delivering effectively
Emotionally intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens!
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