Naas Co. Kildare Ireland

Professional Development

You are your own unique selling point and competitive advantage! When it comes to taking your first steps into the workplace, it’s so important for you to understand what you have to offer and to recognise opportunities when they arise. This area of EiSHT was developed as the team recognised the changes in the workplace and society which are impacting on your ability to gain work experience, applying for, interviewing for and securing your first jobs.
The key path under Professional Development is to have completed the two phases of Personal Development. This arms you with an immense amount of information about your strengths, your work style and what you will bring to a role. Combined with a better understanding of who you are, what you value and how you communicate and learn will give you that confidence to promote yourself to a prospective employer. The first step on Professional Development is to join the workshop on Professional Skills which is spread over 4 weeks or to book this on a three-hour intense, one to one session. Within this, we will cover topics including how to present your CV, present yourself at interview, search for jobs and how to promote yourself online using LinkedIn.
The second step is adding to your CV to make your more employable. There are a number of courses which employers have to provide to all employees when they begin work. These include health & safety, fire safety, manual handling and several others dependant upon whether you work with food, data, customers or alcohol! Yet, employers, especially small employers cannot afford the time or have the resource to train young people in these areas. With thanks to the support of Dulann, we have access to their learning platform so that you can access all of these courses and complete the certified online learning which will further improve your employability.
Combine all of this with your Personal Development and you’re ready rock!
Emotionally intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens!
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