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Personal Development

We want you to see how unique, incredible and capable you are! So much of your strength comes from within and like all other muscles, requires exercise, stretching and nourishment in order to grow stronger. Our workshops, packages and mentoring are designed to help you to understand your sense of self and that this is truly one of your superpowers.
For the quickest results, we can work with you on a one to one basis. We split this into two main areas – Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.
Self-Awareness looks at your behaviours, how you learn and communicate, how you handle stress and where your profile is suited to in the workplace to help you to be happy in the future. This can be really helpful if you are struggling to pick subjects for Leaving Cert or considering your Third Level Options. The focus here though is arming you with knowledge to understand how others read and communicate with you and how you can communicate better with them others going forwards. The main assessment that we use here is called the Personal Profile Analysis of your DISC. We work with Thomas International who have been operating in this area for nearly 40 years and are registered and audited by the British Psychological Society. The key phrase that every single participant says “It’s frightening how well it knows me… I couldn’t put that into words about myself”
After completing a couple of assessments in advance, we work through this on a zoom call with your parent or guardian present. It takes an average of an hour and a half.
Emotional Intelligence looks at how you display, interpret and react to emotions. The psychometric assessment will provide you with an overview split into the four main facets of Emotional Wellbeing, Self-Control, Emotionality and Sociability. This will give you a basis of your emotional intelligence muscle at this point in time and we will help you to develop each of the facets to make this stronger. The benefits of working on your emotional intelligence, besides that it is a top 5 most desirable trait of an employee, is helping you to feel better within and about yourself, to build your relationships, your happiness and optimism, and to manage your mental and emotional wellbeing. We support you on the start of this emotional development with a tailored journaling plan bespoke to how you communicate, learn and develop these elements. It’s not just about developing your emotional empathy, although this is one of the elements, it’s about how all of your emotions are linked, connected and reliant upon each other. Following your Thomas International TEI-Que assessment, we will hold a zoom call with you and your parent / guardian to go through the results and your personal development plan. On average, this takes at least an hour to 90 minutes.
Emotionally intelligent, Skilled, Happy Teens!
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