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Student DISC Profile - TY Subject Choices & 6th Year Career Choices

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Understand your observational behaviour through DISC profiling. Become better equipped to understand how you make decisions, deal with conflict and stress and where you adapt your behaviour.  Learn your natural fit with options for subject choices and career options.



Complete your DISC profile through Thomas International to reveal your observational behaviour styles.  This is supported by a one to one session either online or face to face.  The topics covered in the session are tailored to your needs;

To understand behaviour, pressure, decision-making styles, and conflict

To determine options for TY students for Leaving Cert subject selections

To determine career options

To create a plan for next steps and how to move towards achieving what you're capable of

To provide you with the opportunities to explore so that you can create your goals and achieve them through manageable steps

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6 reviews for Student DISC Profile - TY Subject Choices & 6th Year Career Choices

  1. TY Student

    Caroline is a friendly woman that I had the pleasure of meeting during my time in Naas No Name Club where she volunteered her time to a group of teenagers. I also took part in Caroline's Eisht trial. I found her program was very beneficial to me as a young person as i created a CV for work and learned a lot about what type of person I am which I know a lot of people don't know these things about themselves just yet.

    Caroline is a hardworking, kind woman who not only helps others but goes out of her way to give back and to help those around her whenever she can. Caroline is someone who embraces you with open arms no matter what or why, she is an incredibly caring, determined and hardworking woman that I am very glad I got to meet.

  2. TY Student

    Caroline and the eisht course really helped me grow as a person and enabled me to so many courses such as GDPR, Manual handling and many more. I would definitely recommend looking into doing the eisht course and Caroline was an absolute joy to have the opportunity to work with.

  3. TY Student

    Taking part in EiSHT, has helped me a lot in making the right decisions for my future. During EiSHT I learned about myself and my personality. It helped me choose the right career path that I know will make me happy rather than the career path I would have chosen if I did not take part in EiSHT.

    After completing EiSHT I would definitely recommend it to other teenagers or people who are struggling to find the right career path because EiSHT helps make the right decision while also teaching other useful skills.

  4. Leaving Cert Student

    When I first heard about EiSHT I was very intrigued to learn more and had never heard of anything like it before , while at first I didn’t quite fully understand what the process was going to involve I still very much wanted to take part. I found communicating with Caroline very easy as she was very clear when explaining all the concepts and results . I also felt very comfortable to ask her any questions on things I did not understand within the program. She created a very safe and comfortable atmosphere to discuss the findings.
    I didn’t know what to expect when I first heard about EiSHT but hoped I would learn a bit more about myself and guide me with a potential career path . I received a whole lot more then what I expected from the EiSHT package as I got a very deep insight on my personality type with person profile and my emotional intelligence which both helped me consider different career paths and college courses .
    I found this guidance extremely helpful when choosing courses and as I like many other students was very unsure and scared to commit to a course. I can no say that I am happily in a courses that I believe is very suited to me and can thank the guidance of EiSHT for getting me to where I am now.
    I also learnt a lot about managing my stress and emotions which helped my overall mental and physical health . Caroline thought me how to journal effectively , which I now use every day to manage stress and emotions .
    I can definitely say that EiSHT has put me on the tracks for success as I was first disappointing about not getting the course I thought I wanted but ended up in the right course for me . I would recommend this service to any young person before making decisions about their future both before and after the leaving cert.
    I keep up to date with EiSHT news through social media such and Facebook and Instagram.

  5. TY Parent

    *Struggling to pick 5th year subjects*
    If your child is struggling to pick their subjects for 5th year, I would 100% recommend running the “student DISC profile” with EiSHT on them. My daughter was so confused & had no idea what to pick. I brought her last week & she now knows what subjects to pick & has a clear vision of what path to take for her future. By running the profile we found out her strengths, weaknesses & what profession would suit her best. She got a real insight into herself & found there were other professions out there that she never thought would suit or interest her until she got her results. Caroline is a lovely, friendly lady & so easy to chat to. Caroline had so much information & advise at hand to offer. Best of all she’s local.

  6. TY Student

    I heard about EISHT from Caroline through Naas NoName Club. Caroline is such a lovely person and she really helped me look at all the different subject options for the Leaving Cert and possible careers that would suit me for the future. Through completing the DISC profile with Caroline I also learnt about myself and my personality traits. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who needs some help deciding on their leaving cert subjects and discussing possible future careers.

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